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Helderr, a brand of glass furniture and other accessories.  A genuine family business which still produces in the Netherlands in our own factory. All products of Helderr are therefore Dutch Design en Dutch fabrication, so that is why we gave it a real Dutch name,  Helderr. Helderr means transparant and clear in Dutch. So glass in its purest form!

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Personalised by Helderr

18 March 2016Personalised by Helderr

From now on, you will know exactly who made your product.  Every production employee is responsible for the product he makes. There is no assembly line. Every product is made with the most care and precision by only one employee. Our employees have passion for glass and are proud of the things they make.  That is why you will find a personal card with picture of the responsible employee inside the box.  So who knows, soon Patrick, Heino, Annie or one of the other staff will wish you a lot of pleasure with your purchase of Helderr.

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Het kleurenaanbod bestaat uit 13 heldere kleuren, zodat u kunt  â€˜spelen met kleur’. Afhankelijk van uw eigen inspiratie, uw persoonlijk smaak en ons advies, maakt u uw eigen combinatie.
Bij ons is glas niet zomaar glas!